• Hotel chain for pets We care - you rest!
  • Looking for your pet 24/7 from your smartphone
  • Large bright rooms cleaning 2 times a day 100% sterility and disinfection
  • Our petsitters Your pet in the safe hands of veterinary specialists

The room in BookingDog

Video surveillance system

Video surveillance is easily connected via a link to your smartphone or computer. You are always in touch with your pet 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Strained glass

Glass is durable, safe and hygienic material. Does not absorb smells, does not leave traces of pets

Favorite things and house

Pets love when they have their place to sleep. Take care of your pet and take with him his favorite house or carrier. Also feels much more comfortable if his favorite items are in its room.


Petsitters daily change filtered water and feed the pet in accordance with the owner’s instructions.


Take care of the pet and take tray, scoop and filler. Also you can always purchase the necessary set from us.

The room in BookingDog #

How to book a room

Choose the most convenient hotel for your location and book a room on the hotel’s individual page or by phone


  • Space rooms

  • Care of petsitters

  • Video 24/7

  • Grooming service

  • Room cleaning system


BookingDog is the first unique hotel chain for pets. We provide services for living pets for the period of vacation, travel, illness, repair and moving the owner. Our guests are cats, small dogs, rabbits, rodents, birds, and fish. We care about your pet when you are not around!

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    Elena Bosalygo Chief Operating Officer
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    Margarita Nikitina CEO BookingCat
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    Anna Pototsky Marketing Director